Thursday, June 12, 2008

Party people!

So this little DJ slept freakin' late. You guys wore me out! :) But, I do have pics and because these parties are just that awesome, I decided to make a new Flickr account just for Viper Pit parties. :) You can check out the pics from last night in the pit parties new page.

If you want to see even more pics, you can check out Tymmerie's blog, Quaintly's blog, Kharisma's blog, Calista's blog, and Levi's Snapzilla. If anyone else has pics, just comment so we can go see! :)

Thanks again, everyone, for making last night so incredibly special and exciting. You really don't know how much it meant to us. :) Cen and I always have those pre-party jitters that NO ONE is going to show up. LOL

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