Friday, June 6, 2008

This is mostly a post to show a picture. LOL

I am so glad that so many of you are taking on the BBB Challenge. I was REALLY shocked that JellyKean of White Girl With A Fat Ass decided to join us! So all you RL bloggers out there that happen to read this...c'mon! You're in on it too! :)

But I think the best thing about this, for me anyway, is that I've gotten to read some blogs that I wasn't even aware existed until the owner has said "I'm doing the challenge too!" Of course, then I go and see they've been linking me this whole time and I never knew. Silly people, if you're linking me, tell me and I'll link you back. :) [My blogroll is gonna be 1200 links long before I'm done, I just know it.]

Remember, the BBB Challenge is not to make anyone feel guilty for not posting enough, or stress anyone out. It's really to get to know people a little more outside of the planned out posts that make you look good. Don't think, just do. That's the motto here. :) I'm pretty sure most of you underestimate just how fun and brilliant and likable you really are.

And omg, I'm in New World Notes again. LOL Of course, Hamlet Au IS a fan of mine. He can't deny it. I have it in a chat log. :-p

All this attention is making me feel too much like...well...a SLebrity. I think I may go crawl back into my hole for a little while. The last thing I need to do is start drinking Red Bull & vodka, chain smoking cigarettes, stop wearing underwear, shave my head, and have my prim babies taken away from me by child protective services while I go and star on an episode of How I Met Your Mother.



CeN said...

"Don't Think Just Do"... wait... we we're supposed to be thinking :O

Can I be your bodyguard/handler and hold everyone back while you sneak behind me into the vehicle?

Krissy said...

LMAO! I was only JUST thinking, during your earlier post, that your smile looks *just like* Ms. Spears... ;)

Sehra Kauffman said...

uh oh, do i see a quickie partnering to Devin Ferderline in the future?

you slebrity you.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

That is a great picture, I love the effect. And Alicia - I've linked to you FOREVER! From the very first day IcyQueen & I started blogging, I think. She's gotten bored with SL and is no longer in-world these days. I lost my sidekick :(