Monday, June 16, 2008

Vamp Skin Sale @ Crimson Shadow!

So I got more skins today, this time courtesy of Tox1c Chemistry of Crimson Shadow! The Crimson Shadow Vamp skins are on sale for $100L each until June 22nd. If you go for the vampire look, or the very scary goth look, or you just want to get ready for Halloween early, you WANT to go pick some up!

The skins are unisex and do not have genitalia painted on, so if you regularly take your clothes off, you may not care for them. But I found them just hauntingly eerie and immediately I had to try a couple of them on and run off for pictures.

Black Widow
Crimson Shadow - Vamp Skin

Crimson Shadow - Vamp Skin

Scary, huh?? There are others too, including one called Autopsy that has a big stapled gash down the chest. It's icky and wonderful!

So be sure to run over to Crimson Shadow and get in on the sale!

Crimson Shadow [SLurl]

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