Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whew... And the BBBC Topic for Thursday

OMG. The party tonight. It was... INCREDIBLE. I mean, just packed [official count seems to be between 34 and 36 people at the peak] and everyone was just so chatty and so much fun. It was GREAT to meet some of the BBB challengers, and of course our party regulars were there to shake their cute asses. It was just... whew. LOL Cen and I are STILL up and rehashing, and it's 3am!

Pics and stuff tomorrow, although some of the bloggers are already posting. :)

BBBC Topic for Thursday:

Blogger's Choice. You pick something that's important to you to talk about!


Anonymous said...

why am I not asleep? I'm nutso. it occured to me tonight that I could promote the hump day parties on the SL Universe forums since I post there. I can if you want me to, just a little post in the "events" subforum, might get a few more people in. that's a different crowd.


Casandra Shilova said...

A terrific job of decorating Alicia - surpassing some of the clubs trying for the same look! It was wonderful setting for the birthday party.

I was the quiet one with the koala. :)

Anonymous said...

Ali, totally punted the BBBC topic due to fatigue.


CeN said...

LOL Aisuru if we get more people I have no idea how we'll manage LOL.

Some were complaining about lag, but I didn't have too much problem. Although I did upgrade my card recently, and I do turn most of my settings down during a party, maybe that helped.

I saw you Casandra!

LOL Oz - I think fatigue should be the topic of the day. Does SL limit the amount of sleep you get or change your sleep patterns? Does this make you a cranky pants in your RL? LOL