Saturday, June 7, 2008

Posey Pose!

I've been hopping around on the BBB blogs [you can still get in on it if you want! Just start posting!] and something TOTALLY made me smile. So many of you are getting to know each other!! I've noticed blogrolls getting longer, people getting more comments, etc. Very cool!!

So I've been playing in Avimator today. I didn't end up making the poses I need for Cen and me, because I have to see about something else first, so I thought I'd play around and make a posey pose for pictures. LOL It's supposed to look kinda like a Jessica Simpson picture that I found. I think I kinda failed. LOL But I'm still way happy with it.

New sit

It was really fun playing with it. My first one, my hand was embedded in my thigh. LOL Then the second, the head wasn't turned enough for me. This was the 3rd. NOT that I'm going to go into the pose making business. I'll leave that to the ladies like Sai, Zelly, and Dove. They do it SO much better than I ever could, and besides...if I did start making all my poses, where would I go when I needed to spend money? LOL But it is nice to develop a new little skill.

It's 10pm and I'm starving, so I think I'll go find dinner before logging back in for the evening.


Sai Pennell said...

I love your challenges and even your cute little memes - Its only natural to love this one :P

And - your pose looks great! You probably shouldn't even see the first pose I ever made - it was absolutely terrible XD

Not sure if Avimator is the same as Qavimator - but when you make a pose, make sure you move each limb at least one degree in some direction. Otherwise, you will have moving body parts in ways you didn't want. The shoulder always gets me - I constantly forget to move it a bit, and when I try it out in world, my arm moves with my AO XD

... If that makes any sense at all XD

Dyami Jameson said...

C'mon....give us the topic! I've stayed up just to get a jump start on today's post. Let's go!.....LOL.....nvm, think I'm gonna turn in.

I agree, it has been fun finding new blogs to read and it looks like I'll be adding more to my blogroll as well.