Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Men...

The single ladies of the Ch'Know group would like you to please join our crazy group.

Meara has even offered a pole dance if you join. :-p

But not if you have bling on your boy bits. They're totally against that.

Actually, if you're not in the group and you want to be, just IM me. This goes for anyone, not just men. :) We're really a lot of fun and we love random chat. In fact...the whole group is pretty much random chat. We never yell at you for IMing the group to ask a question or say hi or yell about something funny you just saw. Free to join, but it's not open enrollment so we never get the "ALL CLOTHS FREE LINDINS AND $50L BEST DEZIGNERS" spam that so many groups end up with.


I ended up putting most of my blogroll in the whole "updatey" blog roll list to the side, but if you see that I still have my old blogroll list at the very bottom of the blog, that's mostly for me so I can remember who was doing the BBBC. At least until I write down everyone's names and blogs. LOL But I felt it necessary to do the update list because I found myself using other peoples' lists to check blogs and missing out on some others.


Meara Deschanel said...

LMAO! Dammit, it's in print now, so no backing out! >.<

The pole dance is a limited time offer so act now! Operators are standing by. XD

Anonymous said...

I don't mind blingis!

Are you making one Alicia?
*passes her command*

Sai Pennell said...

LOL @ Blingis XD