Friday, June 6, 2008

You can't handle the TRUTH.

SL was down this morning and when it came back up, I got on when there were only about 30,000 people online. I thought this would be the PERFECT time to go to Truth, as there's a sale going on out there. You HAVE to buy a store card to be able to take advantage of the sale. The store cards are 50% off, meaning spend $100L and get a $200L card in return. I ended up spending $350L. LOL But that's the equivalent of $700L so it's all ok, right??? I ran over there as soon as I logged in, hoping to catch a quiet period before more people logged in. But there are some serious shoppers because I think half of the 30,000 people logged in were out there at Truth. LOL I even ran into my old friend Tomm [well, he saw me, I didn't actually see him] and I saw a few SLebrities. But you know how us SLebrities are, we keep a low profile. :-p [I am so kidding on lumping myself in with the rest of them, because they're famous and I am not.]

The store card thing is actually really cute. All these people running around holding big credit cards. Love it!

Charge it! Well, debit it.

[Yes, my boobs look enormous in that shirt. You can thank Sioxie Legend of SecondWave Apparel for that.]

I think the sale ends at midnight tonight, so run and grab a store card. Be prepared for lag!! Annnnnd...the cards are transferable, so might be a good time to stock up for gifts! Especially for gifts for people who have birthdays coming up within the next couple of months... ;)

I still have $300L left on my card. I bought 2 pairs of pants and some pigtails. I don't really NEED anything right now, but at least I have my trusty card for when I feel a quick shopping trip come on. :)


Peter Stindberg said...

Last thing I heard was it's extended for a day.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh yay!! Wow, how am I going to keep myself from running out there for another card? LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sioxie Legend?


Bettye Dugan said...

LOL I was there last night when I was supposed to be shopping for a short, round table. LOL