Saturday, June 28, 2008

O hai, we're just comin' to vizit.

Whenever Cen and I are left alone too long [like, longer than 5 or 6 minutes] we end up coming up with some crazy idea. Tonight's crazy idea would probably get us arrested in RL. We decided to go to some of our favorite bloggers' homes or stores or offices and take pictures. We only hit up 5 places, but it was still enough to keep us giggling all night.

She already told you guys in her blog that we were at Ari Blackthorne's store, so I'll show those pics first.

I dance


We must have played on that throne for ages. LOL We love poses and animations, so you can pretty much just give us a loaded posestand and we're good to go for a while. So I guess that's what people should do to keep us busy.

I think I'm NOT going to tell you guys where we were for the next few pics and see if you can guess, or recognize your own places. :)

A tree inside?

You're welcome. LOL

Mmm Melons

3 [This one kind of ties in with #2 but it's a different place]



Hangin' out

Ok, so by the time we hit #5, the Ch'Know group was giggling with the new pose that Sai had made for the Blingis! I think that everytime I say the word Blingis! it should have the exclamation point because that's how it sounds in my head. LOL


Cen took off to go to bed, so I went to find a place to take a Blingis! picture. I ended up at an infohub that had been my last homeless home before I had moved into my first apartment. There was a chimp just hanging out. Perfect photo op!

Hai Chimp! BLINGIS!

I headed over to Risque Animations after that because I wanted to just look around. They have some great sexy stuff. :) And their bellydances have the best stomach moves I've ever seen. But I almost died when I fell into this....


I managed to make it out and imagine my delight when I found some free scooters! They're like the ones that old people use at Walmart. LOL There are 2 sizes of scooters, and then a shopping cart. Fun stuff!


I didn't find anything out there that I wanted [plus I was lagging like crazy so I really only tested the belly dances before leaving] so I headed over to Sai's store to pick up a pose I wanted for our couch, and now here I am, doing this post.

I'm so lucky to have a friend like Cen, who not only keeps me occupied when Levi isn't with me [well, when she's not with her own partner :) ], but who enjoys being crazy with me.

Watch out....we could be coming to your place next!!!


Tymmerie Thorne said...
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CeN said...

Oh I know the places, I know the places LOL.

That second picture is cracking me up, I didn't notice that you were leaning right in for the inspection LMAO. I might have to go back and buy that throne just because it entertains me.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm so clueless!! I didn't see you guys stop by! Ok I did have the excuse of not having my mini map up and being in photoshop most of the time last night :)

Aisuru Rieko said...

that "halp" pic is too priceless. I can has eckzit? LMAO. the weirdest part was I was at QueenKelle's (empty) store too, we had to miss each other there by just a couple minutes because people were talking about the pose right around then. weirdness. Kellee girl fill that place up! these Lindens won't spend themselves. hehe.