Monday, June 9, 2008

Randomosity - Part 6 - Bling bling and Splat!

I have a load of pics on my desktop at any given moment. Usually I'm really good about resizing and clearing out pics as soon as I get them, because let's face it, high rez snapshots are HUGE and take up a lot of space. But sometimes I leave them and then I'm clearing out and I end up finding one like this.


When Cen was making me use what was in my inventory, I came across these boots. I ... I don't even know what to say. I'm sure I threw them away, but ouch. Fur, bling, buckles...LOL

And here are some pics from last night. :)

Me and some of the ladies from my group having fun with campers.

Oh so crazy!

Here we are looking cute. And kind of like a girl gang that could kick your ass.

Pretty girls :)

Kellee's RL boyfriend joined us last night. He hasn't logged into SL for a long time...I guess it really made his mind [and body!] just explode with all the changes.

Kellee lives with that. LOL

Levi logged in last night and rezzed a pineapple bed to show me while we were hanging out in our forest. As you can see...I liked the bed.

Forest kissing

Oh! And last night the Free Speerit update group got a box of freebies, including a pack of some of the new skins, but totally crazy painted! So funny! And yes, that is a booger hanging out of my nose. It came with the outfit I'm wearing. :-p


And here I am posing in an unknown location belonging to a blogger. I think I'm going to start sneaking over to everyone's places and taking pics. LOL

In an unknown location

Oh, and I'm TRYING to tag my posts now, and back-tag some of my previous posts, but man. LOL That's a tough job!


Sai Pennell said...

Heh. You are always welcome at my silly little home to take your adorable snapshots :D

Anonymous said...

I know those shoes! I have them, or had them. They were part of a freebie from a gift hunt. Valentines/Anti Valentines thing I think. I wore them to an event once....I was inspired by them to be as blingy as possible and discovered I have hair that has bling.

Wrath Paine said...

Looks like you lost that paintball battle in that one picture, lol. But hey, none of it got on your clothes - bonus! :-)

Nice to see you getting so much use out of that Jessica pose. ;-)

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Am I the only who noticed how the paint splatters match your braces? Maybe I'm just weird....

Hair that blings? Like, the hair itself, not a barette or something? Beatrix, that's scary. *shivers*