Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go buy a cat or something.

Ok, so the Cheap Summer Fun set is now up for sale in my store. $25L for your own silly thing. :) And down kind of below it is the vendor for the Mean Little Kittens. It's small, but you can't miss it. I know, $500L is a lot to drop on a kitten. LOL But it's just soooooo cute, and there ARE two of heck, split with a friend. :)

I'm supposed to be going somewhere today but I have the biggest darn headache. Maybe I'll just stay home, go back to bed for a couple of hours, and wake up in time for the I Love Lucy marathon The CW seems to be running today.

Oh, and just in a random bitch because I have a headache - I haven't been following the freebie blogs lately because it's either crap or there's so much going on, I can't figure out what's free and what's not. Ever heard of the KISS philosophy? Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Keep It Stylish, Sweetie, too, please. LOL

I need some more sleep. LOL


CeN said...

I'm going to go out on a limb with you here Ali and agree.

I do love blogs with stories and creative fun photography.

Having said that, I guess I've just become spoiled over time and knew that I could go to the freebie blogs and quickly see what is free, and where to get. I don't adapt well to change apparently.

I love love Julieta's blog though, I don't even have to use my translator to figure out what's going on and I'm learning what group gift and limited time mean in spanish. LOL

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh yes, Julieta's blog is muy bueno! It's clear, it's to the point, and she only blogs the awesome stuff. Some of it I know I can't wear because she's much more glamorous than I am, but at least I know what I'm looking at. LOL

Nikki Zenovka said...

Oh, I do know what you mean.

The creativity and fun and wordiness is fine by me. But one of them seems to be almost trying to turn into a mixed fashion blog/advertising thing, and another is really throwing out any junk they find with no thought of quality. I appreciate their attempts though, and I've found some beautiful free things with their help, so it's hard to complain *too* much.

Julieta's is good for sure - but even she breaks my heart once in a while cause she'll picture something beautiful that's not just not free, but way out of budget! But yes, it's pretty easy to see what isn't free, even when she does that.

the freebie telegraph isn't bad either - some misses, and a bit of wading through stuff, but they've found some nice things too:

Calista Janick said...

lmao it really is hard to take the word kitty seriously anymore

dammit Tymmerie!! lmao!!