Sunday, June 15, 2008


I can't dooooooooo it anymore! I can't NOT blog! And so the break is over, 'cause I don't wanna be on break. LOL I was tired when I said that I needed a break. I really honestly was. But I only needed some sleep, I think. LOL Because I'm better now and I like blogging and I don't think I should have to take a break from something I like doing. So um... yeah, I'm back. LOL

Actually, I may be taking another break sometime soon, but not for anything fun. We'll discuss that when and if it happens. Although I think it's more when than if at this point.

So let's talk about something else. Do you have a sex bed and you suddenly can't get your sex on? You're not the only one. A LOT of sex/cuddle beds with MLP scripts are now broken due to Linden Lab's big content takedown. At least, that's the story. And it's only the ones with Eva Capalini's name on them. The ones from Miffy Fluffy are still good. I heard about this a couple of nights ago, and checked our bed last night. Sure enough...the bed was full of animations, but no scripts at all. I got scared, because I'd spent an hour on the Ch'Know Squares bed fixing the animations and positioning them with the MLP scripts. But no, my beds are still working. It's a pretty big deal, really. I mean, tons of people use the free MLP scripts. Read the story I just linked. It's a good one.

But, as Levi and I live in a furnished skybox, all I had to do was drop a note to our charming landlord and he swung by and dropped off a new bed. It's a NICE bed, too! It's very sexy. :) And he replaced the fireplace that the fireplace bandits had stolen. So woot!

I miss my baby, though. We haven't gotten to see each other, or really even talk, in over 3 days. :( I have kept myself mostly busy, and I ended up buying a few too many pets at a store called *M*, but I need my guy.

And I need pancakes. I've had to make my own pancakes...but he makes me the best pancakes, and I'm terribly hungry for them. :)

<3 Pancakes


Terri Zhangsun said...

You made the big pancakes! That is too funny! That is something that you should sell in your store.

Meara Deschanel said...

Welcome back from your "break"! Knew you would not stay away long! Those pancakes are all kinds of awesome, lol! Sorry you and Levi are not getting to see each other as much the last few days. Hopefully that'll improve soon! :)

About the "takedown" though - yeesh. I'm going to have to check all of my stuff when I get home because heaven knows I have heaps of sex stuff and if any of it breaks....*sobs*

Alicia Chenaux said...

Terri - Oh I wish I had made those. LOL I got those at a hunt last night. I forget the name of the store, but you can see the hunt info on Dot Lane's blog. :)

Meara - I know, there are some sex clubs that are now totally screwed. Um, no pun intended. LMAO But yes, check your stuff. There is a chance that it's fine, especially if you rez a fresh copy.

Sai Pennell said...

Oh noe! The scripts I use are made by Eva Capalini! TT_TT

Ah well. I guess its good that I don't have a guy to use them with anyway. XD

Anyway - thats great your landlord is willing to do that for you :D

/me stalks off to find a new sex bed scripting system.

Casandra Shilova said...

Welcome back Alicia! I kept checking "just in case" :D

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Hiya! I knew you could not stop for long! I am glad though, since I like reading about your SLife! And anyway, if you took a break Hamlet Au would not have any material for his blog! :-P

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Yay!!! Glad you are all recharged and raring to go again :D