Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sittin' On A San Jose...

Usually when I am allowed to review something [I say "allowed" because it's really an honor to me to be asked to do so], it's almost always fashion oriented. Skins, clothes, etc. So I was very pleased today when I logged in and Peter Stindberg, a member of the GREENE Concept team along with Ivanova Shostakovich and GREENEconcept Helfer, dropped a review pack of their new San Jose benches on me.

I was first made aware of the GREENE Concept through a post on New World Notes. On the GREENE blog, they've let us be part of the creation process for their items. You see the work that goes into creating what they create, even down to actual drawings and measurements on graph paper. To a builder like me, that's just so intense, because my style of building is to toss around some prims and accidentally happen upon something fun. But as I had mentioned on NWN, little things like that separate the good builders from the great ones.

So let's check out the San Jose benches!

Greene Concept - San Jose

Greene Concept - San Jose

The San Jose informal meeting benches are just too cool and my pictures do NOT do them justice. They would look fantastic in an office or I could even see these in nicer clubs. You could even put these in a park or large garden! Just somewhere that you can sit with other people and chat. They do fit 5 avatars, so plenty of room! They are made of both sculpties and regular prims, and I gotta tell you... The seat of it just seems sooo plush, I wanted to hop up and down on it. But I guess that wouldn't have been very professional, huh?

The little details are great, and they are modifiable so you can darken the wooden ends, or even change the texture altogether. My favorite bench texture is called Velvet, which you can see in the top picture. It's just so lush. The texture in the second picture is called Cotton. There's even a bright orange texture, which was really really nice and I believe you can see it on their blog.

My favorite part of the bench is the added shadow. It gives the whole thing just that little boost that takes this from "Well, I could use it" to "Oooh, I need!"

The San Jose benches are $350L for a no copy/transfer version, and $800L for a copy/no transfer version. They are only 7 prims each, so you could definitely buy a few or copy them to set out several at one time. After bouncing around on them, I definitely suggest them to anyone needing places for people to sit, but don't have the prims for a lot of chairs, or who just want something very simple but very exceptional.

I cannot wait to see the next item the GREENE Concept puts out. Thank you for allowing me to review this wonderful product!

You can find the San Jose benches on SLExchange, OnRez, or at their showroom in Beachwood. [SLurl]


Anonymous said...

Helle Alicia,

I started SL about a week ago and while making some researchs on the net I saw your blog. You have a really witty sense of humor and made me change my vision of SL.

I'm leaving you this comment because I started my own blog (http://toastburnerdisciple.blogspot.com) and I mentioned you in it. I know it's a bit late now but I still wanted to know if it's okay with you. If you don't like it please tell me and I'll take your name off.

See you around in SL I hope!


Sehra Kauffman said...

Mmmmm, couches!

I want to run in a circle on them and jump over the wood ends, just to run another circle! Whee! (I have too much energy right now...)