Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No sleeeeeep!

THIS is why I don't like taking medications! All weekend I took Nyquil at night so I could get some non-snotty nosed rest. 2 nights in a row I took the stuff. Last night I decided not to and look at this... I got maybe an hour of tossy-turny sleep. Ridiculous! Medicine sucks, even if the daytime stuff gives me a happy buzz. :-p

It's not all bad, though, because since I was up, I finally got to spend some time with Levi early this morning before he went to work. :) I miss him sooooo much when we don't see each other for a day or two, even though we do message each other every day. I know, how lame am I? I hope I'm not going to turn into one of those clingy needy girlfriends who wants her boyfriend at her side constantly because I think that would probably suck for both of us eventually. :-p But I'm so happy we got to spend some time together. :)

Oh, and I played with my Project Playlist music thing over there ---> and took out some of the dead song links and added a few new songs. I took off the playlist with all the harder rock and metal because honestly? These days I'm not very metal. LOL I think it's not as easy to be metal and play a lot of "fuck this and that!" type of music when you're happy. I need to revamp this list a bit more...take out some of the sadder type songs and put in more happy bouncy songs, but Project Playlist doesn't make it easy to really edit and rearrange and delete. It's a bit tedious.

Since I can't sleep, I think I'm going shopping. I have some "looking pretty" money to play with today. ;)

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Wrath said...

See, what I think is, when you take those over the counter medicines like Nyquil, you are only delaying the inevitable. Meaning, cold medications do not help you get rid of a cold, they only mask the symptoms, so that when you do stop taking them, then your nose will run, or you will cough, or whatever it is that your body needs to do but which you had been delaying. ;-)

By the way, I listened to some of your Project Playlist songs the other day, and got that Crash Test Dummies song stuck in my head all day and I was so mad at you!

But in a good way. :)