Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rowr, little kitty!

I have to run to bed because Levi kept me up late and I'm yawning. And because I have something to do that only he knows about. ;) But I can't go to bed without posting.

Thursday night, I fell in love with this little kitten at a store. $500L, but... well, look at this mean little face!

Mean Little Kitten

Couldn't you eat him UP? He moves and eats fish and licks his butt and he's so freakin' cute I can't stand it. But he needs a name. And he's all black, that's a fish he has in his mouth. Oh, and if you click him, he attacks! Too cute!

I have a vendor to sell the Mean Little Kittens, and I'll put it up in my shop at some point Saturday [um, along with the Cheap Summer Fun set, which I meant to do today but didn't because I'm lazy], so if you want to buy your own, hey, why not buy them from me? LMAO There's a black one and a white one that comes in the set, and they are transferable, so buy one for yourself and you can give away the other one!

I have more to say but it'll have to wait till tomorrow. The bed is calling. :)


RedIce Cioc said...

Call it Mr Kitty. haha

Anonymous said...

psst Alicia... there is now the kyootest lil' brown puppy to match (sits on the other shoulder)!
I can't live without them and can spend ages zooming in and watching their antics! LOL

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! I'd call him Mr. Kitty but my own Mr. Kitty has a much more agreeable disposition.

And omg, Amethyst! Don't tell me THAT. Then I'm gonna want the puppy too!!

Nikki Zenovka said...

so cute - I have a newly won sleeping kitten, but he just sits on my head sleeping. lazy little thing!

Yours sounds familiar though.. I don't remember buying a kitty (a cat I mean!) but maybe I'll check inventory when I log in. No telling what's in there! I surprise myself all the time lol

CeN said...

I stared at your shoulder for the majority of the time we hung out tonight just waiting to see him lick his bum but I kept missing it. I do love everything he does so cute.

A name? Blackie is kind of boring... SLackie? On the other hand his expressions make me think he's a great big Diva, male Diva, a Miva.

Calista Janick said...

lmao, he's so cute i might have to get one!!!

but with all this talk about kitty's cats melons and juice boxes I have no idea what means what anymore!!! lmao!

Creag Emmons said...
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Creag Emmons said...

I like Cen's idea of a male Diva. But the "a" on Diva is a feminine ending. The masculine equivalent in this case would be "o," which makes him "Divo."

Are we not cats?

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

I named my very mean RL kitty Miss Pickles because she's a sour puss. Is Pickle Puss masculine? LOL