Monday, June 9, 2008

The Weekly Recap

Cen keeps telling me to do it, so here we go. :)

Last week's highlights include:

Well, the Big Bad Blogger Challenge, of course!

I cleaned up my friends list and no one cared. LOL

Sitting around in my skybox, I started to hear porn, I visited the Beauty Avatar sim and hated it, along with their scary eared skins, and I reviewed the upcoming line of Free Speerit skins, which I love love loved!

The Hump Day Party was super awesome as usual, but I didn't get pictures, as usual. Everyone got to discover that Levi and I are totally silly, and I reached my 400th blog post.

And that's your recap for the week of June 2nd through June 8th.

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Cailin Navarathna said...

When I first looked at the post I saw, "I started to hear porn," and I was like.. wait - what? But then I read through it and realized it was just a recap. :]