Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My internet is STILL flickering in and out. I have a pretty good idea as to why, though. So that's gonna be dealt with here shortly. It's highly annoying to have my yahoo messenger popping on and off constantly and having to go back and retype comments because when I click to save, it doesn't load and then loses my comments. Grrrrr. So while it's working at the moment, let me post this entry that I was working on last night right before it totally died. Luckily Blogger autosaves [when it can] so I didn't lose anything. Thanks Blogger, for being nice to people like me who have craptastic internet connections.

In case you guys didn't know, blogger Creag got married last night to his angel, Jenn! No, she really is an angel, just like he is a fae. :) He was kind enough to open the reception up to those of us who don't roleplay, and Tymmerie pulled me over there to dance and hang out. I didn't get many pictures that ended up being worth anything, but here's a few. :)

Tymm and me representing all the bloggers. I'm pretty sure we had the shortest dresses there. LOL
Gettin' down

And we were among the first to grab for that champagne! That's Tymmerie's Jerremy back there. He came in costume fitting to the theme of the sim.
Throwing champagne

Luckily he was there, because Jerremy is a far better photographer than I am, so he actually managed a pic of the happy couple. :) Every pic I tried to get of them, I ended up with their wings flapping in each others' faces!
The happy couple

It was a really nice reception, but I didn't want to talk too much, just because I didn't want to mess up any of the roleplays they had going. :) Congrats Creag and Jenn!!!


CeN said...

I do hope you can get that "internet flicking problem" resolved by tonight :)

If I can't have my best girl (and DJ!) there it's going to get real awkward LOL

Jennidia Hellmann said...

Thank you hun, for the lovely comments, and the beautiful pictures.