Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Randomosity - Part 7 - Just Pics...and other babble.

I think I ate something at some point that didn't agree with me. I've been feeling kind of icky all day. And of course I can't just feel icky and be done with it. I have to feel icky and get anxious about it, which makes it worse. I fail. LOL

I was checking my DVD shelves and noticed I have Saturday Night Fever - still unopened! When I go to bed tonight, that's gonna be what I watch, I think. I have to fall asleep with movies or tv shows. It's the weirdest thing.

So I have a bad habit of taking pictures and not doing anything with them for a while. Here's some that have just been hanging out on my desktop for the past few days. :)

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us went to Calla to get giftcards. This was hanging out there. and no water...I don't get it. But I have that shirt, in white.

I went to New England and a bus almost ran me over. So I thought I'd take a ride. I didn't know I'd be driving the sucker.
Driving the bus

There was a great little cafe in New England, with movie trivia and music trivia, and bagels! I love bagels with cream cheese so much.
Bagel time!

You probably don't want to use the outhouse that's near the fishing hole...

Out at XD Fusion, where I got my kitten, there's a magic 8 ball on the table outside. I didn't know if you clicked it, it turned into this little guy.
He dances

We went out to SLeek tonight to dance. Cen and I were so not dressed for the beach, but we had fun with everyone!

BUT...the lag at SLeek was incredible. I ended up turning all the prims off to help with the lag [a little trick I learned while working at Liquid Rage] but the funniest thing is that when I did that Laleeta's hippo costume was gone and ... well, THAT was left. LOL! Um...Laleeta's the gray one.
Soooooooo not good.

I'm going to go lay down now and ... hold the phone! Check it out! Dutch Touch is having a store card sale like the one at Truth a few weeks ago!

50% Discount!,
Pay 150 LD and get a 300 LD StoreCard!
Pay 250 LD and get a 500 LD StoreCard!
Pay 750 LD and get a 1500 LD StoreCard!
Pay 1500 LD and get a 3000 LD StoreCard!

The display with discounted StoreCards is located at the
::DT:: Seperatesstore at Willow Beach ^^" [SLurl]

Ooh, I needs. But I need to lay down too. I have much to do before the party. :)

Edited to add: If you are interested in being in the Ch'Know group, and like to chat randomly or spontaneously break out into a party, and sometimes get free crap I make, just IM me for an invite, or comment here. I don't just invite people unless they ask, but it's free and you don't have to write an essay or provide references or anything. It's a fun group, I think. :)


Anonymous said...

Not my best profile now is it :p ?

CeN said...

LaLeeta that's why I was asking if you had used a shape deforming gesture LOL even after you changed back into your regular skin and clothes, this is the shape you were wearing to me. I figured it was just lag and my computer.

Anonymous said...

Well I looked fine to me so that's why I was a bit surprised :p