Saturday, June 7, 2008

Free Speerit Skin Review

A while back, Free Speerit sent out beta skins to their update group. The skins were "crying" skins, and you all probably saw them in different blogs, both fashion and photography related, because they were done very very well. As I was photographing myself one night, I kept thinking, "This skin is really lovely! I can't wait to see what they come out with."

Fast forward to a couple of nights ago when I'm just hanging out at home and a notice pops up from the Free Speerit group saying that if any bloggers were interested in reviewing the skins, to send a notice in that night and some would be picked. Man, I've never made a notecard so fast. LOL I didn't expect to get chosen because I'm not a fashion blog, I'm not one of the "big names" in the blogosphere [be quiet, I'm seriously not], and generally I'm not a review blog. BUT... Desidelia Vella of Free Speerit sent me the box of review skins tonight!!!!!

Now, you all know that I am pretty honest in my reviews, especially when I'm reviewing skins, and this will be no different. I'll have to ask that you go to my Flickr to really see the pictures of the makeups and skin tones just because I have to make them smaller here to fit. Are you ready? Here we go.

I freakin' love these skins. Seriously. They MIGHT even replace my La Sylphide skin and you all know how much I love love love love my skin from there.

There were 5 skin tones in my box, so I'm assuming that is all that there is currently. If you generally like or if you need a darker skin, they are modifiable if you go into the Skin section of appearance mode, but you still may not get a very dark skin.

Free Speerit Skin Review - Skin Tones

I did nothing to these skins in Photoshop except move them to the blue background, so what you see is what you get. And I do not do full nude shots in my blog, so you may have to go to another blog to see the goodies.

I absolutely love the shading on these skins. The neck and collarbone are very soft and natural, as are the nostrils. You'd be surprised how many skin makers don't pay attention to the nostrils. The eyebrows are very neat and tidy, not overly bushy or too thin. Even the ears are done well. Not too dark or crazy. I'm not too fond of the elbow shading. It seems a little too pale.

If you like your skins to have moles and other little "flaws," these may not be the skins for you. But if you're like me and you enjoy a very smooth skin, then it's perfect.

Check out the shading on the back. It is so soft and lovely. The butt is amazing as well! You'll have to trust me on that, of course, since I'm not showing it here. :)

Free Speerit Skin Review - Lovely Back Shading

Again, no editing was done in Photoshop to this. This is the Desidelia skin tone [my favorite!] but the others look just as good.

EDIT: Going back and looking more, I'm not a huge fan of how the back of the legs are shaded. It's a bit white stripey.

Now, I know what you're waiting for. YES...I like the nipples on these skins! After trying on about 200 skins in the past couple of months and pretty much hating nipples on all of them, these work for me! They're actually quite pretty, but of course the final decision will come later... ;)

The skins have 4 different pubic hair options: Naked, Stripe, Trimmed, and Natural. I didn't care for the Stripe one at all. It just was too much of a stripe. But the girl parts are nice, and it's not just a line like so many skins.

Now let's move over to the makeup.

Free Speerit Skin Review - Makeup

I found the makeup to be very pretty. The "Ruby" lips are a little TOO glossed for my personal tastes and I couldn't reduce the gloss, but again, that's just my opinion. These are just 5 makeups. There will be 17-19 makeups per shade, but not all the makeups will be the same in all shades. I think that's a REALLY good idea because obviously a pale lipstick that looks soft on the Sara shade would probably look too stark and white on the Whitney shade. Loved how the eye shadows were applied, but I did notice a little bit of a lip bleed under my lower lip. I don't know if this is the skin or just my shape doing it. It's not so noticeable that it would drive me crazy, though, and it's something I've seen before anyway.

One thing that I always look for that maybe others don't is how the teeth look. I know, crazy thing to look at. But I can't smile in some skins because the teeth are grayish or just crazy looking. I'm VERY happy to say that the Free Speerit skins have lovely teeth.

Free Speerit Skin Review - Smile!

Free Speerit skins will be $1424L each for 1 base skin [without makeup] and then the makeup of your choice. At current time, there is no plan for fatpacks. The price might be the only thing that keeps me from purchasing immediately, since there are more inexpensive skins out there, including my favorite, but I believe the price reflects the work that has been put into these skins.

Release date is estimated to be Tuesday, June 10th. There are also supposed to be some surprises coming up for the release, so that will be exciting to see!

Thank you, Desidelia Vella and the Free Speerit team, for allowing me the opportunity to review these wonderful skins. It is very obvious that QUITE a bit of work has gone into creating these, and a lot of time as well since I had first heard that skins were being created about 3 months ago. Very very nice work.


Terri Zhangsun said...

I like them. They look cute on your shape!

CeN said...

Oh I remember how much I loved the BETA skins they sent out for the contest. It was also the first time a skin looked good on both of us since we have such different shapes.

They look great.