Sunday, June 22, 2008

Work work work. lol

Cen and I have been busy busy today. I have pics to show, but um...they're not resized or anything yet, so that will have to wait. And I"m lazy. :) Plus I'm fishing.

We have 4 new apartments at the pit, all furnished, and in different themes. There's an Asian inspired room, The Kitty Cat room that doesn't have a a bed, but a carpet and pillows and some kitty pics on the walls, a gothic themed room that is all black and red and stuff, and what was going to be called the fashionista room, but it's actually very girly and pretty so it might need a name change. They're really just starter places for people who need a place to call home but don't need a lot and don't have a ton of money. $100L a week for 20 prims. Not bad, I think. :)

And I fixed the fishing hole, much to my own amusement, with statements as "It was a small hole but I had to expand my hole in case someone wants to slide their boat in." My mind has been in the gutter today for some reason. Anyway, so the hole is bigger [gigglefits] and there's a bit more seating. And we put some slummy playground equipment out there too, swings and a see-saw and a spinny thing. :)

We had a lot of fun and got tons accomplished in just a few hours. It was like playing a big game of dollhouse.

But it did start me thinking about home decorating. See, Levi and I may be moving out of our skybox within the next few weeks, and so now I'm thinking about where we might think about going, and if we'd want to get a furnished place again. Because while it is MUCH easier, I think I'm ready for us to maybe settle into our own personalized home. But then I wonder if we should buy land, or rent land, and where, and how much do we need, and it's just a pain in my head. lol I know very little about SL real estate.

Gosh, I'm really sleepy. Too much sun today, I think.


CeN said...

Can I mention again how much I like your hole? ROFL that will never get old.

And yes we worked our butts off today rearranging things around the ghetto area and decorating and furnishing those 4 apartments. The kitty kat room rug has a menu though, so no bed no problem LOL.

I'm hoping there is a bachelor or bachelorette out there that needs a small place to call home and would enjoy hanging around The Viper Pit. Would be great to have some residents.

Sehra Kauffman said...

The pit looks amazing! Awesome job!

Meara Deschanel said...

Sweet! So does this mean I can slide my boat in your hole? *insert juvenile giggling here*

Wow, that was dirty, lol.

Can't wait to come fishing. Might even have a new friend to drag along if she feels up to it. :D

Aisuru Rieko said...

ooh, join me and Meara and Sai and get a place in Otherland!

I don't know if their prices are that great or not, I honestly didn't do much shopping around. :) but they're friendly and the people in the neighborhood are nice. and their policies ensure that people in the neighborhood will stay that way.


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I have been shopping around for land to rent and it is giving me a headache! Mostly because I'm cheap and I can't find cheap land lmao. But yea I don't want to spend too much on land... but I can't have my cake and eat it too, apparently :\

The hole was stretched! Was it used that much? *blinks innocently*

Casandra Shilova said...

If you are interested, I can give you: the name of my sim owner (he has property with a variety of landscaping)- he's great; lady who scouted out the land & read the covenant to be sure it was fair (I'm unknowledgeable too), builder's name. Love my custom build!! Being short, the houses I liked were all over sized (door knobs at my chest, doors 21' high!!)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh are the rooms still available?
My place is... well I don't really like it so I would love to move someplace else! And 100l a week is just in my budget :p

Can I come and visit then :p ?

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I went over to see your big hole but no one was around.

I tried the fishing for a bit, but it isn't any fun if you are doing it alone, I think. You need someone else around to have real fun with your hole, IMHO.

Sai Pennell said...

Yus! Come join us in the Otherlands! Ever since I moved there, I've been in a constant state of amazement at how great the community is. I mean, where else can you get a 1/4 openspace sim for $29USD? O.O

And omg. LOL XD You are all so pervy XD *whistles innocently*

Bettye Dugan said...

I went to the hole *snerk* last night to fish, and boy was it bigger! LOL The lovely Sehra surprised me (I was rudely cammed in on myself and IM'ing like mad, and didn't greet her right away...sorry!) and we fished a while together. Fun!

Bettye Dugan said...
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